• Reclaim your online privacy for your family, businesses and social groups
  • Conduct private conversations and secure your personal information
  • Protect yourself from ransomware, identity theft and other cyber attacks

Must Have Elements for Online Security

Netlok provides two critical elements for assuring online security:

  1. Replaces password login with proprietary-coded photos to keep hacker's out;
  2. Provides each member with a safe room for storing private documents, sending and receiving private messages. 

Online security requires both elements.  Why?  Hacker's break passwords in less than an hour so passwords are not a reliable method for online security.  Most personal and many small business computers have already been compromised so it's also dangerous to store private information and data on them without a safe backup.  Hacker's are also breaking into email and text communications.  Netlok provides a user-friendly safe room to shield you from these criminals.  With Netlok, convenience and security work together to make your life easier.

What?  No Password?

Technology leaders agree that passwords fail to effectively deter hackers and over 90% of hacking attempts begin with cracking your password.  Netlok changes the game by replacing passwords with proprietary-coded pictures that are easy to remember because you select photos from your digital picture albums.

Here's how Netlok's photo login works.  For convenience, we provide the first coded-photo to create your Netlok account.  Use this photo to login to your safe room, upload personal pictures, and label the photos you want to use to login in the future.  It's simple, safe and convenient.

  • Simple: your own pictures are easier to remember than passwords;
  • Safe: proprietary-coded photos have thousands of random characters to make your photo hacker-resistant;
  • Convenient: take a picture you love, add it to your collection in seconds.
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Secure Login

NetLok's innovative photo technology foils hackers, bots, and worms by using proprietary-coded pictures instead of passwords to exhaust the resources of the common hacker.  Most complex passwords have 15 to 18 characters, while a small cell phone picture has thousands of characters and is digitally unique.  By replacing a password with a digital photo, a hacker must solve a complex digital puzzle, making NetLok virtually hackproof.  And, it's easier for you to remember a personal photo than a complex password.

Private Vault

Security professional believe that most personal and business computers have been infected with malware and viruses.  They recommend online users store their private files in a place not connected to their computer and devices.  The Netlokr solves this problem and allows you to send and receive private messages with attachments from inside your Netlokr, which is a huge security advantage.  Specifically, you do not  communicate through email or text, which are public airways that can be hacked by cyber criminals.  Your communications and files are protected 24/7 inside Netlok's security ecosystem.

Simple, Convenient, Affortable

To make your online security simple, Netlok provides a safe room (the Netlokr) where you manage your private documents, send and receive private messages.  It's convenient because Netlok encrypts all documents and messages as you store, send and receive messages and files.  Normally you have to pay separately for document storage and private mesaging software.  And, you do not necessarily receive secure login protection.    With Netlok, you receive all three applications in our small group plan.  Try it FREE for 30 days.


It was incredibly simple to sign up. It is very user friendly. The biggest benefits seem to be its simplicity and clever authentication.
—Keith, Austin, TX


My husband and I are very strict about not putting any photos of our children on the Internet, not on Facebook or anywhere. We don't feel that it's right to put their digital footprint out there when they haven't had any input. This would be a value as we could store all those photos and videos and give people permission to look at them. We can safeguard our photos.
—Helen, Chicago, IL

This site is great. It's like having a safe deposit box in the cloud. I really like that it's that secure and I can put all my documents in there safely, a lot more secure.
—Jessica, Santa Monica, CA


The system is very secure and simple to use. I like the simplicity the most.
—John, Raleigh, NC

This seems like an easy entry point for the less than savvy tech end user and it seems geared for home or family use.
—Jim, Seattle, WA


I think the biggest benefit to this system is not having to memorize and change passwords all of the time, security and the secure transmittal of documents and other sensitive information.
—David, Cambridge, MA