Announcing a breakthrough technology that eliminates passwords and gives you a simple to use, messaging and document protection system.

Take Control Of Your Privacy - The Easy Way

Passwords are about as effective at protecting you online as a butter knife in a gun fight. After all, over 80% of hacking attempts begin with cracking your password.  To make things worst, cybercriminals can illegally purchase valid email/password combinations for pennies on a dollar. Netlok changes the game by eliminating passwords and using encrypted photos.

What?  No Password?

That's correct. No passwords. You won't have to remember your password, change it every 90 days, answer 6 security questions, etc.  Not only will you log in with a specially-coded picture, but you'll have control over the pictures that access your private safe room (called the Netlokr).  The Netlokr is your cyber safe room where you will open secured online communications and store documents.  With Netlokr you don't have to risk exposing your private conversations by email.  You have a safe alternative.  Here's how it works.

NetLok's Cybersecurity System Protects You By ...

  • Scanning messages and files for malware and viruses
  • Eliminating email for sending private messages and documents
  • Encrypting photos to prevent unauthorized entrance to NetLok's cyber vaults
  • Encrypting all messages, files, and transmissions within NetLok's environment
  • Eliminating password resetting with 10 seconds or less photo encryption

From inside your Netlokr, you have the freedom to create secured online conversations and have the peace of mind that everything is protected.

How NetLok Photos Work With Your Private NetLokr

The NetLokr is your exclusive, cloud-based safe room.   Entry is protected by NetLok's Photo Technology and only you can allow limited access to information stored in your NetLokr by sharing documents with and sending messages to people you trust. The combination of the NetLok Photo Technology and your NetLokr provides cutting-edge, state-of-the-art security and helps restores online privacy.

It's About Knowing It's Safe To Communicate Online

Many of us have the need to communicate with other people in a secure way.  Some of us are small business owners and home-based professionals and have the need to exchange or share sensitive documents with clients, which may contain health, tax, legal, or financial information.  Some of us simply want to share photos or communicate privately with our loved ones.  Netlok finally offers us a way to do these things with some real assurance of privacy and security - yet, with a really simple experience.  It's the best of both worlds.

Here Are 5 Examples On How To Use NetLok:

  1. Send a selfie to a friend through Netlok messaging instead of social media
  2. Store your password lists inside your Netlokr, not in your computer
  3. Send and share tax documents with your tax accountant
  4. Send secure messages with documents to your attorney instead of email
  5. Protect intellectual property, customer lists, trade secrets, etc. inside your Netlokr

Netlok works with PC's and MAC's, Safari, Chrome, Fire Fox, Edge, Explorer 11+, Windows 7, 8 and 10.  We will be introducing the iPhone app in the summer.  Netlok does not work with Android tablet's and cell phones at this time.

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We live our lives online and social media makes our lives less secure.  NetLok's innovative technology foils hackers, bots, and worms by using pictures instead of passwords to exhaust the resources of the common hacker.  Most complex passwords have 15 to 18 characters, while a small iPhone picture has 48,200 characters and every picture is unique.  Therefore, by replacing a password with a photo, a hacker must solve a 48,200 character random puzzle, making NetLok virtually hackproof.


Remembering passwords is difficult.  So difficult that we have to write them down just to keep them organized.  Worst of all, we have so many passwords that have to be changed to prevent hacking, it's frustrating and time-consuming just to keep up.  Choosing a personal photo is easy to remember. That's why when using NetLok's Photo Technology combined with the NetLokr, you'll only need to remember one picture when you login.  So go ahead, choose a photo, forget your passwords, and experience NetLok Personal or NetLok Family.


The worldwide cost of cybercrime is skyrocking.  More importantly, "What could it cost you?"  If you lost your identity online, your cost could be enormous as you spend precious hours to restore your identity, while your reputation or business is being destroyed in the process.  Securing peace of mind shouldn't break your bank. Ensure your online security and personal privacy with NetLok Personal or NetLok Family, and sleep soundly for less than you pay for your Internet connection.

It was incredibly simple to sign up. It is very user friendly. The biggest benefits seem to be its simplicity and clever authentication.
—Keith, Austin, TX


My husband and I are very strict about not putting any photos of our children on the Internet, not on Facebook or anywhere. We don't feel that it's right to put their digital footprint out there when they haven't had any input. This would be a value as we could store all those photos and videos and give people permission to look at them. We can safeguard our photos.
—Helen, Chicago, IL

This site is great. It's like having a safe deposit box in the cloud. I really like that it's that secure and I can put all my documents in there safely, a lot more secure.
—Jessica, Santa Monica, CA


The system is very secure and simple to use. I like the simplicity the most.
—John, Raleigh, NC

This seems like an easy entry point for the less than savvy tech end user and it seems geared for home or family use.
—Jim, Seattle, WA


I think the biggest benefit to this system is not having to memorize and change passwords all of the time, security and the secure transmittal of documents and other sensitive information.
—David, Cambridge, MA